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The output modules are available in four standard voltages with wide adjustability, and are capable of operating in series and parallel mode.The series carries full UL60950 safety approvals and complies with EN61000-3, EN61000-4 and N55022 class B EMC standards.The RCB1200 is a configurable power supply with a total output power of 1.2k W that can support up to 16 isolated outputs in any combination of 5, 12, 24, 48 VDC, a double nominal 12V output module and the new dual nominal 24V output module, allowing system designers to create a custom power supply suited to space constrained environments where high reliability and high energy efficiency are key.

Inheriting a country beset with social conflict, disenchantment with the Party, and institutional disorder resulting from the leftist policies of the Mao era, Deng became the paramount figure of the "second generation" of Party leadership.

Some called him "the architect" of a new brand of thinking that combined socialist ideology with pragmatic market economy whose slogan was "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics".

Providing up to 1200 W from a 1300 g, 6.09” x 6.05” x 1U package, the RCB1200 offers the highest power density for a configurable power solution.

If you don't find what you're looking for within our standard products portfolio, ask us how we can modify an existing design, or custom create a solution to meet your specific application requirements.

His economic policies, however, were at odds with Mao's political ideologies and he was purged twice during the Cultural Revolution.

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