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If you get the Massage Chair, talk to Tortimer on a holiday/event where he is outside with it in your inventory. If Saharah gives you the Red Vase, wait until Crazy Redd's weekly visit. He will give you Tom' Nook's Pic in return for it (Tip: You can order many Safes to get many of Nook's Pics! This phrase is often a clever pun, something that that animal might say, a stereotype abour the animal, or something regarding their personality.

He will give you a Scallop for it (Tip: You can get many scallops by ordering the Massage Chair from your catalog! Go and talk to him with the Red Vase in your inventory. Below is a list of each animal, their species, pic phrase, shirt, and frame color.

It looks like this: Name : This is the animal's name Species : This is the animal's species Pic Phrase: This is the animal's pic phrase; many are long and stuff and they : take up to lines like this.

Shirt : This is the shirt that the animal is wearing Color : This is the color of the animal's pic's frame XXXXXXXXXXXXX X Anteaters X XXXXXXXXXXXXX Name : Cyrano Species : Anteater Pic Phrase: "Wish you were here!

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